Short information night at Manly Skiff Club last night

by Chris Kameen on June 13, 2013

We had a good information night at the Manly skiff club last night, where we went through the basic philosophy of Sydney Sailing School. Most of the attendees would not have seen the website or met me, so this was an ideal opportunity to say hello.

So many clubs are focused solely on competition that they forget that most people that start out sailing do it for fun, relaxation and to socialise and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that! When you love sailing enough to come down and sit in a room for a midweek evening then you clearly have passion and it is good to remember that  we weren’t always like that.

It was a great session and I took a lot of positive points and ideas for really driving participation at the club. Really looking forward to working with these fantastic people.

If you missed the evening and want to check out the Presentation /script that I worked from then please click on the link below:

130612 SSS introduction

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