Low cost sailing is available if you know where to look

by Chris Kameen on August 20, 2013

The opportunity to go sailing at a very low cost is 100% available, if you want to invest some time. All sailors know that boats are much harder to sell than they are to buy, so invariably it is always a buyers market! All sailors also know that most boats need crew. There are so many crewing spots going at both Manly and St George, so either comment below or drop me a note.

OpenBIC_Photo_Website_2011-10_4The only boats that truly hold their value are well looked after strict one design boats such as “Lasers” or “O’pen Bics“, or second hand boats that are fully depreciated already. If you are looking for a 2nd hand Manly Junior, Flying 11 or 16 foot skiff, then there are some great value options that are going for a song.

If you have done a lot of dinghy sailing before and want a fantastic fun challenge then you could do a lot worse than buy a boat like “Wrong Way Go Back”. Competitively priced, you would be notching up handicap wins in no time! These guys are good friends which is why I’m giving them a plug- drop me an email if you want more information.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA16-foot-skiff-for-sail

When you then take into account the prize money available at St George SC and the undercover storage, then this is an opportunity that Uni sailors should be fighting over. If you look after this boat you could actually see out the year with your initial investment being repaid. As I say low cost sailing is available if you know where to look!

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