School holiday Activities – why choose sailing?

by Chris Kameen on August 27, 2013

School Holiday Sailing Program

When it comes to school holidays in Sydney, there are a huge range of activities  and programmes that kids can do. These often differ in cost and level of commitment. For parents that have never been exposed to sailing before then it may not even register on the radar.

Sailing is an equipment sport and is widely perceived as a rich mans sport similar to polo or skiing and this is a barrier that sailing schools must overcome, because it is not!  to find out more check out our Junior sailing camps.

Why should your kids learn to sail over doing something else?

  • Sailing is non-contact and can be enjoyed by girls and boys of all ages equally and together – there is no need for separate courses, boats or kit.
  • When  you learn to sail you are outside in the fresh air, enjoying getting out into nature.
  • You are learning a skill that has been handed down generation to generation – sailing is part of our heritage.
  • When you learn to sail you become part of an international fraternity that are obligated to help each other when they are in distress. You aren’t quite obligated but you also make tremendous friendships because of this shared passion.
  • Sailing can take many forms from ‘messing around on boats’, to ‘racing dinghies’, to ‘racing yachts’, to cruising locally or internationally, to working on boats. The opportunities are endless and this is something that should be considered when deciding whether your child should learn to sail!
  • Sailing doesn’t need to involve costs anymore than playing football does. Having your own sailing kit and boots is eventually preferable to borrowing someone else’s in the same way that having your own footie boots is preferable to borrowing!
  • At no stage do you need to own a boat to go sailing. Every weekend there are many boats that don’t go sailing because they don’t have enough crew. Remember the flag bearer at the London Olympics closing ceremony – Malcolm Page is a double gold medalist crew!

Sailing is a great sport and if you are unsure then give us a call on 0405 979 730 otherwise book now check out the link below

School holiday sailing Camps


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