Adventure and stories – it’s an amazing world

by Chris Kameen on September 11, 2013

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of having a stall at the Allambie Heights Public School Spring Fete, which was fantastic, we met some lovely people and hopefully some of them will be coming sailing.

Robert Hodge AdventurerHowever one of the people I met probably doesn’t need lessons from Sydney Sailing School, a chap by the name of Robert Hodge, who if I had to describe him I would probably say “what a cool nutter!” Robert has featured as an extra in many real life books of adventure and expeditions. From what I know he has never written a book, but his stories are awesome, from completing a trek in Bhutan to paddling to the centre of Papua New Guinea into Cannibal Country with amazing American author Kira Salak. For most of us the risks associated with going into cannibal country would be a step too far, but Robert made friends with a special forces SEAL who was on holiday in the area who apparently could handle himself! Little extract from the book.. Link

What really resonated with me though was at a every young age Robert started sailing and was able to go off on adventures right here on the Northern beaches, sailing his little dinghy from Mona Vale right up the Hawkesbury River with his lunch strapped just under the boom so it didn’t get wet. From these little adventures a whole new world opened up.

Adventures don’t need to involve high altitude trekking or dealing with crocodiles and Cannibals, they can be much closer to home. I have always believed that one of the reasons that sailing gives me so much joy is the knowledge that I now have the ability and knowledge to go anywhere in the world if I can get the right boat and people together. Right now that adventurous place is normally up to the Hawkesbury or down to Botany Bay in a little Endeavour 24 with my wife!



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