Sydney Sailing Lessons, surfers looking to find the secret spot!

by Chris Kameen on September 19, 2013

Sailing lessons for surfersSummer is fast approaching and before we know it we’ll be in to the heat of the day and checking out the boats on the water and the surfers in the break thinking – ‘I wish I knew how to sail or how to surf!’

We’ve mentioned before that to really enjoy sailing you need to be able to do it and feel confident around the boat. I like to compare it to 4 wheel driving or surfing. Both activities are tremendous fun and we can enjoy them without knowing what to do, by either being a passenger in a car or messing around in the white water. However eventually the novelty wears off and the real enjoyment comes from knowing how to do it properly.

Sailing is no different, jumping on somebody else’s boat and going for a sail can be a great experience, and many people love the whole twilight racing, relaxing on the harbour. It is once you can take your friends and family out for sail with confidence, that you can sit back and relax and enjoy that special “how lucky am I!” feeling

Sydney sailing lessonsJust recently we have had a couple of young surfers who have a dream of sailing to a tropical island and finding the ultimate waves and hanging on a boat for a couple of weeks. They have done a little bit of sailing with mates before but never learnt how to do it properly, and had a few fears which we have now dispelled. By following a clear process and letting them sail with an experienced instructor, they’ve been transformed and their sailing surfing dream is much closer reality.

The Sydney Sailing School lessons for adults are great fun for both the instructor and student and if they are keen surfers then their appreciation and depth of understanding of the elements is amazing. Get in touch if you are looking to find away to get to the ultimate ‘secret spot’!

This video at about two minutes has a young kid in Hawaii, finding some great waves in a sailing boat

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