September News Letter

by Chris Kameen on September 30, 2013

What a month of sailing and activities!

We have had so much going on here at Sydney Sailing School, and we’ve written lots of Blog posts that you may have missed! So here is a recap!

Robert Hodge AdventurerAllambie Heights School Spring Fete – Sydney Sailing School was invited to have a stall at Allambie Heights Public School Spring Fete, and we had a ball, we met loads of cool people and one mad bloke! Check out the Adventurers Blog post!



Try Sailing Day

Try Sailing day at St George Sailing Club – after the boat show we were keen for people to be able to go sailing sooner rather than later and so we hosted a free Try Sailing day at St George – everyone had a lot of fun and we are looking forward to seeing everyone back again at some point!



malcolm pageMalcolm Page – Sailing tips from the most successful Australian Olympic sailor. The talk that Malcolm gave was sensational. Every single person in the room was astounded by the generosity and genuine love of sailing this man has. Imagine setting yourself a goal that only one person in the whole world can achieve once every 4 years and achieving it twice….

Control Zone downwindRules talk At St George – We had a good turn out for this and we had a good discussion about the rules. What was really interesting was the discussions around water at a mark and the challenges clubs face with fleets of boats that go at vastly differing speeds and angles to the wind… Moths and Manly Graduates for example.



IMG_4812smallUniversity Sailing Days: We’ve had about 40 students from the University of New South Wales down at the club doing learn to sail – this has been great and we are looking forward to getting them more involved in the club




school holiday fun RM ManlySchool Holiday Camps: A total of 25 kids were taught during the first week of the school holidays – I’ve spoken to most parents and the feedback has been really positive. A massive thank-you to Will Doyle and Bree Sparre for heading up the instruction at Manly  – they did an awesome job.




Blog Posts: I found out recently that the word Blog comes from Web Log and the word Log is clearly a nautical term – a bit of useless trivia!
How a boat mirrors the world and ecosystem we live in

Sydney Sailing Lessons, surfers looking to find the secret spot!

Adventure and stories – it’s an amazing world

How to steer a boat using just sails

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