The Sailing Pathway

by Chris Kameen on October 23, 2013

Sailing is a sport like no other where the opportunities that taking it up gives, are immense and diverse. Yachting AustraliaThe National Sporting Organisation – Yachting Australia has developed a pathway for the sport which develops Olympic Gold Medalists as the pinnacle, and club racing is a large part of the activities along the pathway.

I think this is only one pathway with one end goal – it raises an interesting question

What is the Pinnacle of Sailing?

I believe that their are a large number of ‘pinnacles’ for sailing and through Sydney Sailing School we try and offer a route to each of these.

Sydney sailing lessonsTravel: Sailing and Cruising around the world with your family and friends

Career – sailing school: Becoming a Sailing Instructor is becoming a viable career choice. Doing what you love every day is amazing.

Career – super yachts: The Super Yacht industry outside of Australia is massive and getting bigger, learning to sail can open the doors to travel and wealth if you want it.

Sailing Instructor PathwayCareer – Sail Training Ships: There are many organisations that have Sail Training Tall Ships  – a viable and worthwhile occupation

Career – Maritime Industry: The hours and experience you get whilst sailing recreationally all count towards your qualifications and jobs all around the world.

Sailing Records – Australians love breaking sailing records – the fastest, the biggest, the first… in most record breaking attempt there is an Aussie involved!

Sailing Pathway - Racingand finally sport: – We love our Sport, and Australian sailors have trodden a well worn path to success of hard work an dedication. This is the pathway that the Sailing Clubs promote and probably accounts for the majority of sailing activity in the major metropolitan areas and through our links with Manly 16 foot sjkiff club and St George Sailing Club we have a great pathway for racing starting with Manly Juniors, Flying 11s, 13s and 16s… but I don’t think this pathway is necessarily for everyone.

Whether it be a career, sport or travel – it should always be fun!

We love Sailing!

As we develop our courses and products we hope that everyone can reach their pinnacle. What is your pinnacle ? drop us a note below and share your dreams!

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