How to use the BoM Website for getting a forecast

by Chris Kameen on November 24, 2013

We often get asked about which websites to use for getting a decent weather forecast, and we say we use the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) and yet most sailors don’t use or know about half of the capability and forecasts that are on this website.

In this 9 minute video tutorial we go through how to use the BoM website to get a decent forecast for going sailing.

Alternatively you can use the following links to get to what I consider the key areas that you need to build your own forecast:

Sydney Closed Waters: This is written by a meteorologist, but doesn’t get the real local effects. This is the forecast that we must check before going sailing

Sydney Land Forecast: Again written by a meteorologist, Interesting to see how hot it is on the land,, this may give an indication of a sea-breeze building conditions.

Forecast Wind: This site is awesome, it gives you the computer model for the winds and so you can see conditions for a sea-breeze or not or the influence of

Met-Eye: This is new for NSW and is amazing. If you aren’t using this yet you should.

Weather warnings: When ever their are weather warnings you should check these too.

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