Sailing Instructor training day

by Chris Kameen on December 15, 2013

Like any business, a sailing school has to invest in its staff, todays training day was a tremendous amount of fun but also an opportunity to learn and share ideas with each other.

schoolholidaysailingcampsAs we prepare for the school holiday sailing camps in January, it was important that we put all our instructors through their paces. A total of 14 instructors made the trip down to St George Sailing Club where we spent the wet morning inside, playing games and going through what it means to be an instructor for Sydney Sailing School. It is amazing what you can do with Play Dough, spaghetti and some imagination.

And then the afternoon a mixture of fleet racing, team racing and backwards racing in bright sunshine and a nice 10 knots of breeze.

Sydney Sailing School InstructorsAs sailing instructors working at Sydney Sailing School it is important that we also get a chance to sail and practice ourselves, so often we spend out time sat in the rescue boat facilitating learning – this was our opportunity to learn something new. For me I learnt some new introduction and ice breaker name games. and I think for many of the instructors they learnt about team racing.

Team Racing is something I am passionate about and love the short sharp nature of the racing. I also like that pairs team racing drills are an excellent way of introducing the racing rules to sailing lessons, and developing uses for boat handling skills like stopping and starting. This is what we were able to go through today. The 4 main rules:Team racing  at Instructor induction day

  1. No collisions – don’t crash my boats!
  2. Port and Starboard
  3. Windward / Leeward
  4. Room a t mark

Using a simple triangular course, with a downwind finish we ran some really close and fun pairs team racing, that I think everyone got something from.

If you’d like more information about how to introduce team racing into your learn to race programmes then get in touch with us here at Sydney Sailing School


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