RS Feva first sail interview!

by Chris Kameen on January 28, 2014

RS Feva sailing ManlyAt Sydney Sailing School, we are going through the process of updating our fleet of boats from the long serving fibre-glass Pacer dinghy to the modern exciting plastic RS Feva. Ryan Spring our Head Instructor had never sailed one before so we thought it a good idea to take one for a spin.

This shows him returning to the beach at little Manly and his first thoughts.

We had hoped to get some good GoPro footage but putting the camera on the tiller didn’t really work.. we’ll put it on top of the mast next time!

RS Feva launching from beach      Adults sailing RS Feva single Handed

The reason that we are looking to replace the Pacers are multiple:

1) We sell RS Feva’s – if we aren’t using them why would we try and sell them?

2) Modern design skiff – looks exciting 

3) Easy to rig and de-rig

4) Adults or kids can learn to sail in it

5) Adults can sail with their kids

6) Plastic – low maintenance – we have spent over $1000 on repairs to glass boats in 3 months which are devaluing with use.

7) We can teach from complete beginner all the way to racing and passage sailing in the one type of boat for any age group

8) It’s the worlds best selling double handed sailing dinghy for the past 4 or 5 years – there is a reason for that!

For more information on the RS Feva or to organise a test sail ($50 refunded if you buy one) contact Chris 0405 979730


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