Another adrenalin shot for sailing

by Chris Kameen on March 7, 2014

Alex Thompson200px-The_America's_CupThis last week has been amazing with regards the sailing that has been going on in Sydney Harbour. 18 foot skiffs plus the launch of Team Australia’s AC45 yesterday, and then later in the year we will have the final Act of the Extreme 40’s series. You then couple this with the Alex Thompson Video and Kaboom!

Whilst this type of sailing is beyond most of us (without a lot of practice) we all need something to aspire to and to keep pushing the boundaries.

The 18 foot skiff Championships the JJ Giltnan always provides some amazing photographs, and this year has been no exception. Today is their lay day – a chance to recover and fix the bits on their boats before a big weekend.. long range forecast has Sunday looking  like being a showdown with a big Nor’easter forecast… Hope I haven’t put the commentator’s curse on it!

Check out some of the photo’s from deck hardware:

Team Australia : America’s Cup

Hamilton Island Yacht Clubs challenge for the America’s cup is also going to be amazing. The first pictures out yesterday and the naming of Matt Belcher as skipper are sensational. I never thought I’d get excited about this before. Sure this is a rich man’s segment of the sport, but if we play our cards right, let’s use this opportunity to get more people into sailing…. Check out our sailing opportunities over the winter… no boat required.. Let’s make sailing accessible!

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