Community Sailing Projects

by Chris Kameen on May 12, 2014

Optimists sailing at St GeorgeThe next two weeks are going to be very busy for me, I’m heading down to Melbourne for the Yachting Australia Instructors conference this weekend. A great initiative for getting instructors to talk and share ideas… not so great that it is at a weekend when we should be on the water teaching! Then I am heading to SailNewport which I am really excited about..

SailNewport is a community sailing project whose aim is to make sailing as accessible to the community as possible. These are pretty lofty aims and by all accounts they are flying – 180 odd boats, regular sailing courses, boat hire opportunities and all feeding the numerous local sailing clubs. My dream is to set up something similar with Sydney Sailing School, so who better to mentor me than the people that started it.

Community sailing projectThrough sailing we meet many wonderful people through our shared passion, and it was once such chance meeting that has led to my planned visit to SailNewport. Sailing provides such amazing opportunities in life, the people we meet, the travel opportunities and the friends we make are immense. As sailing instructors we are the initial introduction and as owner of Sydney Sailing School I hope to facilitate it further. Let’s watch this space and see if we can make it happen.

I’m super interested to hear what you think a Sailing Community Project would look like – please do post below.

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