Sailing in an Amphi-theatre

by Chris Kameen on May 13, 2014

Aerial Team Racing Sailing ShotOver the past weekend, 32teams have battled it out for the 65th Wilson Trophy at West Kirby Sailing Club, an epic event that really captures the imagination of locals and sailors worldwide alike.

For the first time this year we have seen some really great aerial footage which must be seen to be believed:

This is an event that I raced in nearly every year from 1988 until 2004, and won in 1995 and 2001 – without a doubt my most memorable sailing experiences. Sadly this year the finals were blown off and so the winners, Royal Forth Hoosiers, didn’t get the cauldron atmosphere to sail in as the other teams get knocked out, but I have no doubt that they would have coped well. The biggest congratulations to this team

Team racing is a subset of sailing similar to the Americas cup except rather one boat against another, we have a team of three boats against another team of 3. Sailed around short courses, the sailors must use their speed, boat handling and tactics to outfox their opposition.. Usually boats are provided and so sailors just need to turn up, pay their entry fee and go sailing. It is for this reason that it is massively popular with Universities- a demographic where youth sailors regularly stop sailing.

At Sydney Sailing School we love team racing which is why we are hosting our team racing academy for 4 days starting 30th June. If you are a keen sailor and have done some club racing and would like to learn the intricacies of team racing then this is a unique opportunity for 12 people to get their teeth stuck in.

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