How to tack a sailing dinghy

by Chris Kameen on June 15, 2014

Tacking a small sailing dinghy is a real skill and your enjoyment of sailing will increase no end once you master this. We teach tacking using a method where we break down the steps so that we can help you to achieve your end goal.

I  sometimes describe tacking as a complex dance routine, but that normally gets lost on most people! In this video we go through a demonstration of how to do it:

Remember the sequence:
1) Notify your crew
2) Look around – check you aren’t get to tack into something
3) Backfoot across
4) push the tiller away
5) Superman
6) Cross the boat
7) sit (as far forward as you can)
8) Straighten the tiller
9) Thumb to bum
10) karate chop the mainsheet
11) rotate the tiller through.

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