More funding of the elite means more money for grass roots sailing

by Chris Kameen on June 20, 2014

malcolm pageIt’s great to see the efforts of the Australian Sailing Team being recognised and the increased funding will certainly help them continue their quest for more gold.

sailing the big winner in new funding allocation

Around the Yacht Clubs though I am sure there will be a bit of a feeling of – so much money to so few and on the face of it you can’t argue, however theses sailors are not earning mega bucks or even a salary that anyone would begrudge especially given what they are actually doing. Imagine how much you would pay to employ someone who was the best in the world at what they do in Industry and then consider the attributes these athletes have that would help them succeed in the commercial world:

  1. commitment
  2. goal setting
  3. decision making under pressure
  4. fitness
  5. new technology
  6. budgeting

etc. the list goes on

These sailors drive the innovation in our sport making the 0.25% changes that all add up. They’ve put a science into what was once an amateur sport for the rich.

But where it really helps out is that funding has to be managed – Yachting Australia only gets about $650,000* in membership fees after insurance is taken out  which pays for about 3 employees plus premises and computers etc. etc. So when the sport gets more money it only stands to reason that a percentage of that will actually filter down into the administration of the sport including the Sports Services department which manages something like 10 committees, the Racing Rules, the officiating programme, membership protection. etc etc. the list is huge and is definitely not covered by our membership fees!

Massive congratulations to Sailing for demonstrating to the rest of the sporting world that you know how to get results and get best bang for your buck


* 2012 Annual report

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