Recovering from a capsize in sailing dinghy

by Chris Kameen on August 15, 2014

Capsizing is one of the fun aspects of sailing a dinghy, if you don’t like it then sail a boat with a keel!! Seriously the reason dinghy sailors can make the transition to yachts easily is because they understand how boats work properly, if you make a mistake getting wet is often the result! In this short lesson I take one for the team and we go through a capsize recovery in winter!

1) Check that your buddies are safe
2) don’t pull the boat over on top of you but loosely hold on to the boat
3) Make your way round to the centreboard and bow.
4) Crew should hold the bow
5) Helmsman should climb up on to Centreboard and pull the boat up.
6) Crew should maintain their position at the bow holding the boat into the wind, this acts as like an anchor.
7) Once the helmsman is settled, the crew should make their way back to the middle of the boat where they will be assisted to get back into the boat

Always stay with your boat, and never try and swim for shore,

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