2015 Team Racing World Championships

by Chris Kameen on August 19, 2014

Aerial Team Racing Sailing ShotNext years Team Racing Worlds should be epic! The guys running the event certainly now a thing or two about team racing! Hint: The event Director wrote the Book Team Racing for Sailboats!!!

They’ve asked us to share some information:

Information in document:
Basic Event Information – updated Aug 2014
Newer Teams – information.
Experienced Teams – information.

2015 ISAF Team Racing World Championship – Basic Information:

1. Venue – Rutland Sailing Club – England

2. Website: http://www.rutlandteamracing.org.uk/

3. When: 19th – 24th July. 19th Opening ceremony; racing 20th to 24th; 24th closing medal ceremony.

4. Race format: 3 versus 3 team racing ; leagues of racing followed by final knockout rounds.

5. Course: Will include beating, reaching and running. Will be up to about 15mins long. Lots of races each day.

6. Age : At least 14 years old on 31st December 2015, Under 19 division has their own medals and are also in the Open division event. At least one male and female team members required in your team of 6 people.

7. Boats: Firefly dinghies. Widely used for international team racing and easy to sail and adapt to. Lots of advice available. Boats can be reefed for high wind conditions. Very good quality boats.

8. Training: Some training options available before the event – please ask for more information. Debrief sessions after each day.

9. Conditions: UK summer has mixed wind conditions from very light to strong – a true test of skill.

10. Logistics advice – please ask.

11. Notice of Race with entry details will be circulated and on ISAF and Rutland websites soon. (final entry details are being agreed).

Reasons why to come: information for newer nations and mixed nations teams

1. Team racing is an exciting and fun discipline in the sport helping get more people sailing more often.

2. The team racing worlds format allows teams of different experience to find their equivalent level teams and have close tactical racing with those teams.

3. The involvement in the event is a great training opportunity. Team race tactics are often used in medal races.

4. The organising committee is highly experienced and very keen to help.

5. The venue is a superb and very attractive large facility and open water. Rutland is close to London and a good location for any tourist activity before and after.

6. The event is very good value and there are a variety of accommodation choices from camping to nice hotels.

7. The boats used are high quality and simple to sail and some training is provided. Lots of races each day allows for plenty of team talks.

8. The entry options will include the option of mixed country teams – see the Notice of Race.

9. The use of three versus three boat team racing, and the large sailing area mean that good boat speed will be really rewarded as well as good tactics.

10. Advice service available to help look at approaches for team selection and training – please ask.

Reasons Why to Come: – Aimed at established Nations:

1. Highly experienced organising committee means it will be a superb Championship with worthy World Champions.

2. Open water venue ; fabulous internationally recognised race area perfect for team racing.

3. High quality matched Firefly dinghies supplied.

4. Good value range of food and accommodation options. (Camping next to club/ hotel 1km)

5. Logistics support – please ask for advice including on tourism.

6. Great atmosphere with balcony viewing of the race area and commentary.

7. Top level tactics meets a top level venue for a solid week of intense fun racing.

Best Regards
Steve Tylecote
2015 ISAF Team Racing World Championships, Event Director

Australian Teams wanting to get involved:

The newly formed Australian Team Racing Association is calling for Expressions of Interest from teams interested in representing Australia at the 2015 ISAF Team Racing World Championship to be held in Rutland, Great Britain on the 19th – 24th July 2015.

The places and categories available for Australia at the Worlds are;

ü  Open                     – 2 teams

ü  Under 19             – 1 team

ü  Under 17             – 1 team

The number of expressions of interest will determine the need for a qualifying process.

To lodge an EOI or for more information please contact;

Murray Jones


Australian Team Sailing Association

Murray.g.jones@bigpond.com  or murray.jones@ato.gov.au

0419 368844

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