Sailing in the School Holidays

by Chris Kameen on September 1, 2014

School holiday SailingSchool holidays were always about having fun, that break from school where we could do cool stuff. Growing up, I used to love the school holidays, we’d all pile down to the Sailing Club and hang out waiting for the wind or the tide to come in. I can remember practicing flying the spinnaker on my boat in the dinghy park, learning all the time.

If the wind and tides were tight we’d try and sail over to North Wales from West Kirby, but first we’d have to tell the old fella’s in the boat shed what we were up to. They’d ask a few questions to check that we had checked the forecast and had a safety plan of sorts and then I guess kept an eye on us. We had a ball, sailing with the seals and the occasional dolphin.

School holiday sailing lessonsNow my memories are from sailing in the Irish Sea in the UK some 25 years ago. The water was cold and the climate nothing like it is here, but those memories are what has driven my passion to start Sydney sailing school. That sense of freedom, responsibility and the exhilaration of being out in the elements I think defined me as a person. Perhaps times have moved on and we are a bit more safety conscious, but at Sydney Sailing School we want todays generation to experience something similar with some instructors in boats rather than old fella’s drinking tea in the boat shed!

Sailing adventures and messing around in boats are what school holidays are about and hear in Sydney the kids are spoilt for choice. Both Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay offer unique sailing opportunities that allow for our sense of adventure, visiting exclusive beaches or secret waterways.. the school holidays are the courses our instructors love!

With less than a month to go we still have some spots left at both Manly and St George. The four day courses include lunch and we promise that the kids will have a ball and learn something new. Do give me a shout (0405979730) if you have any questions or book on-line before we sell out. (We sold out last year at Manly!)

Holiday Sailing Camps

Manly School Hols

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