Safety and Sea Survival Course

by Chris Kameen on September 15, 2014

Learning how to teach liferaft exercises (2)The Safety and Sea Survival course is one of the most important courses you should do if you are going offshore whether in a sailing boat or fishing boat. It annoys me a little bit that this course is mandated for a number of crew racing on offshore boats as I think people then regard it in the same way they regard boat licences… just another bit of bureaucracy  that is stopping us from going on the water! The reality is that this is far from the truth and many people who have been in disaster situations have recollected how important this training had been.

The Safety and Sea Survival course sadly owes much of it’s development to tragic sailing races where people lost their lives and it was decided to take what people had learnt and create a course to try and prepare people in the event of the worst case scenario.

Sea Survival role playThis weekend Yachting Australia hosted their 3rd SSS instructor course at our base at St George Sailing Club and it was great to see. In my previous role at Yachting Australia I was concerned that access to this course was controlled by a few centres and that anyone wishing to set up a training centre delivering this course had to be ‘approved’ by these existing operators. I decided we needed to open up and run instructor training courses ourselves and so asked Martin Silk who has great practical experience of sea survival to pull together an awesome course using some of the best trainers like Genevieve White and best resources. The work that goes into these courses should not be underestimated, and am really pleased that I’m still able to contribute in a little way.

Genevieve White instructing at Sans Souci poolThere are a number of centres around Sydney that offer the Safety and Sea Survival course, and is without a doubt one of the best courses you can do. for more information either contact me or search for a local centre.


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