A Saila’s Life

by Chris Kameen on October 20, 2014

I can’t believe that I managed to reach the age of 40 before understanding the love that a little dog can give. This is Saila’s story, a rescue pup that now lives the happy life!
Sailing school dog

We got Saila at the age of 8 weeks after she had been rescued at the age of 4 weeks along with her mother and brothers and sisters, she had been quite neglected and it had taken the foster carer a bit of work to get her dewormed and deflea’d. It was a difficult choice to make when we got to the Foster home with 3 gorgeous pups all wanting a home, but we settled on this cute little puppy that we called Saila.

Introducing Saila to the sailing schoolSaila life jacketWorking for myself means that I don’t have to persuade my boss whether she can come to work for me and from a very young age we socialised her with the kids at the sailing school and introduced her to her life jacket! She was an instant hit with the kids and parents a like!

A lot of people question me making her wear a life jacket as she is a pretty good swimmer, though doesn’t choose to get in the water, but from my point of view it is about setting an example to the kids and my students. The other reason is that when a dog falls into the water by accident, they panic and will be a handful to lift out of the water. Saila’s life jacket has a handle which allows me to picke her up quite easily if I had to.

Sailing dog Saila watching sailing in lifejacket

Running around at the sailing club off the lead is something that gives me great pleasure to see, and then once in the rescue boat she even pays attention to what is going on. sailing and motor boats are part of her everyday life, a life that many people and dogs could only dream of.

I’m trying to get her to earn her keep and train her to help me pull the boats out of the water, but she is still only little and treats it all as a game… She’ll learn!

Rescue pups rock!


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