Sailing Christmas Presents!! – Yes I know it is that time already!

by Chris Kameen on November 3, 2014

Christmas is so close and if like me you haven’t even started thinking about it, then this could give you some quick and easy ideas. Depending upon how much you want to spend, there are a number of different options!

50 Dollar Sailing VoucherSailing Course Gift Vouchers: Gift vouchers are a great way to get someone you love on to the water but don’t know when they will be able to fit it in!

I love this picture of our little dog – to find out more about her amazing life – check out this post: It’s a Saila’s life!

RYA-Essential-Navigation_and-Seamanship-boat-safetyOnline sailing Course: This makes a great Christmas Present as it includes a whole load of physical navigation equipment and books that if you bought as presents themselves would cost nearly $100. To then include a workbook and world leading RYA online course and certificate makes it even better!  $197 including P&P within Australia



Books: We stock a few books which either support our courses or we think are pretty cool and you can’t buy them in Australia so we brought some in to the country. Books such as Go Green – this is amazingly illustrated and I still find it fascinating to read! We only have 3 left though! $32.50 including P&P within Australia



SailorMadeThese will make great Christmas presents – Wallets, bags, and new products coming all the time. About 2 years ago I made my first wallet when I was bored one night and I showed it to a friend  who has taken it many steps further – there are some awesome products! That the owner of this company taught me to sail when I was very little has a nice ring to it!


Stainless Steel Cheeki Water bottle

Drinks Bottles: Sydney Sailing School started life as ECOSAIL and we really try our best to not get involved in single use plastic. Plastic waterbottle are not really a great idea! These Cheeki stainless Steel drinks bottles were part of a promotion done with the Two Hands Project and a proportion of every sale goes to help the wonderful work that Silke and Paul have been doing. $25 including P&P within Australia


A great boat for ChristmasBoats: I know this isn’t for everyone, and wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy a boat for Christmas!

For some people though, this is a reality and through hard work or whatever could buy a boat for their beach house! We have quite a range of boats available, however, the boats that I think are most suitable as Christmas presents are the O’pen Bic and the Quba! Both of these boats are great beach boats because they are super simple to rig and very robust and we have them in stock available now! The Bic is definitely a kids boat that adults can play on whereas the Quba can have a jib and is great for all but carries a slightly higher price tag. Even if you  don’t have a beach house but want a boat for having fun during the summer these are the kit that you should try.

Second hand boats for saleSecond Hand Boats: Nearly all of our boats are for sale including powerboats! In order to maintain a fresh fleet of boats we regularly turn over our boats that have been used in the school. This is great way of getting into boat ownership as you can save a considerable amount of money especially if your aim isn’t to be winning championships in the boat that you buy!

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