Free style sailing

by Chris Kameen on November 20, 2014

If ever you watch young kids on bikes or skateboards they are normally amazingly confident, way more than adults at the equivalent stage of learning. I believe that much of that is because once they have mastered the basics under guidance from an adult we let them go free and learn free style.

Given the cost of the capital equipment of sailing equipment and supposed safety challenges that accompany sailing, the equivalent free style learning hasn’t taken place much in sailing. However the International O’pen Bic class recognises that this is an important part of learning and having fun and encourages free style sailing at its regattas. Today we spent a bit of time practicing some free style manoeuvres for the upcoming Bic regattas.. Check out how confident these kids are in boats:

At some point the kids that are super keen will be chomping at the bit to go racing.. those that aren’t will continue to have fun. If any of them eventually drop out of the sport they will remember the fun times and be advocates of the sport. Compare their experiences to those of kids that are forced to race around a triangle when they don’t want to….. Looking way into the future, who is more likely to encourage their kids to go sailing based upon the experience they had when they were a child?

We love free style sailing!

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