RS Feva school holiday sailing camps

by Chris Kameen on January 9, 2015

What a week and a great way to start the new year. At St George Sailing Club this week we had 20 young budding sailors take part in the Sydney Sailing School school holiday camp. This was the first camp that we have hosted at St George where we used only our new plastic boats and it worked brilliantly

We split the group into 2 with the younger students sailing the 4 O’pen Bics and the older and more experienced ones sailing the RS Quba and 4 RS Fevas. The Quba allowed us the flexibility to alter the group as it can be used as a heavily reefed single hander for the little ones with the O’pen Bics to graduate too or as we used as a double hander with jib sailing with the Fevas.

Benefits of the RS Feva:

  1. 3 students in an RS fevaIndestructible – we had a few accidental crashes but not a single scratch
  2. Able to get up to 3 students in a boat at a time  and if needs be an assistant instructor with them to show the finer points. Including how to do bow! Giving kids confidence around boats is so much easier when you are worried about boats being damaged. You can imagine seeing kids walking around on the foredeck and kneeling can be quite stressful if you have a fibreglass foredeck!
  3. RS feva on remote beachWe were also able to pull them up on remote beaches where traditional fibreglass boats would have been damaged.
  4. Capsizing is part of the fun  – self draining means that no bailers were lost and we didn’t loose teaching time having to wait while boats were bailed out. The hull design has quite a bit of inherent stability which means that you don’t have so many accidental capsizes which normally slow up lessons, meaning the kids learn more!
  1. RS Feva Planing with 3 students plus an instructorAsymmetrical spinnaker – the simple design, small spinnaker makes it manageable for just an instructor which means that you can give your students a great sailing experience.. Check out these videos:
  2. Great sailing boat – the boat sails well allowing you to teach the more intricate parts of sailing  and the effects of the sails and balance and trim.

St George Sailing Camp 2015
The smiles that we have had this week have been just awesome, check out these photos and link to the whole album on Google + 

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