RS Aero Sailing with Jimmy Buffet

by Chris Kameen on February 15, 2015

We have been loving sailing the new RS Aero which has now landed in Australia and is selling like hot cakes! We love sailing this boat!

0:00-0:20 First Check the bottom is ok!
0:20-0:27 Attach Go-pro
0:27-0:53 Launching
0:59-1:30 Tacking and Upwind
1:30-1:50 Light winds upwind through chop
1:50-2:10 Capsize recovery
2:10-2:20 Hiking out easily – (yes Chris Kameen hiking out!)
2:20-3:00 A different perspective of the RS Aero doing circles above and below the water. Great footage!
3:10-3:40 Recovering the boat

Also, just loving listening to Jimmy Buffet right now!

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