Make sure your personal brand is aligned with your business brand

by Chris Kameen on March 11, 2015

Build your sailing brandYou may have noticed I love sailing and one of the things I have tried to concentrate on is ensuring that, that passion comes through in my business marketing. Clearly some people have thought that it has, as I’ve been asked to speak at a small business marketing conference with Basic Bananas.

This wasn’t a sailing specific conference but hopefully what I had to say will help other sailing schools and clubs get more people sailing. If you have any comments or questions please pop them in the comment box below.

If you liked this then you might be interested to see a slightly longer presentation that I put together for the Yachtmaster Instructor conference about how to sell sailing through social media.

Slide over view:
Welcome, thank-you for having me, talk about building your brand through Social media, by getting social, focus on engaging rather than selling and committing to a strategy

Slide 2
My Social Media journey – nokia brick, no social media to successful strategies for my business
No Social Media Expert – I have a successful sailing school
The reason that I took Social Media seriously was because of this relatively early experience..

2013 BIA ran a discover sailing day
Didn’t use SM, or if they did I didn’t see it, we did
Significant cost difference but the results…..

Results – asked to present at a sailing conference on Social media
Overwhelming results from Facebook

1st Point: Build your personal brand not just your business page
With small business we don’t buy brands we buy the person – Basic Bananas
Personal brand aligns with your business brand

2nd Point: Build trust by Focus on engaging not selling
Relevant Content/blog posts, Staying Current, Make it feel like somewhere your clients want to hang out
Promote free events

3rd point: Commit to a strategy that combines both your personal and business brand to engage your tribe
Copied someone else and it evolved
I thought about how could I use something I do regularly and share it on Social Media

Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram…. Google + the odd sock
Created a Gallery on Google + with Web icon copied from Picasa,
This was only possible when I started using my android phone, as there is no work involved.

Embrace Technology – daily videos … great engagement
Don’t over commit – as novelty wore off 30 minutes to produce a weather report was too long

Final thoughts:
Build your personal and business brand together
I could engage with my network rather than sell
commit to a strategy and be consistent

If all else fails have a plan B, everyone loves cute animals on social Media!
Below is the actual presentation itself in case you don’t quite follow it!

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