Forward thinking at Drummoyne Sailing Club

by Chris Kameen on March 30, 2015

RS Sailing at DrummoyneYesterday I spent a fantastic day at Drummoyne Sailing Club, a club steeped in skiff history. When I turned up to demo the RS aero, I wasn’t expecting to see an unveiling of their fleet of 9 RS training boats. Recently I wrote an article about what I thought was my dream sailing school set up, and these guys have done it. 2 RS Visions, 6 RS Fevas and an RS Quba..

The local Mayor commented on how the fleet was of benefit to the local community as the aim was for the club to engage in more kids and adults having fun on the water. How cool is that.. for once we have a club that isn’t just focused on developing their racing fleet by targeting only 8-12 year old’s whose parents have to commit to them racing! This is a forward thinking club that apparently also looked at the traditional Aussie Pacer dinghy, a great boat in it’s day…times are changing.

Yesterday was the first day, but my interaction and observations with the parents and kids showed that they are well on the right track. The kids were on the water from 10am until 4:30 playing in their new boats, assy spinnakers were up and young and old were having fun. In fact the kids had to be dragged off the water!

RS boats at DrummoyneWhilst this was going on, a number of adults and kids got to sail the new RS Aero. As the breeze picked up during the day this gave the boat an opportunity to show off it’s sparkling performance. In the tight confines of the Parramatta river and the obstacles of islands and moorings, I think the RS Aero could be a great addition to the club. If you would like to check out an RS Aero for real, then we will be at the Dinghy Sailboat Expo on the 18th 19th April. We look forward to seeing you there!

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