Team Racing Coaching weekend

by Chris Kameen on September 4, 2015

Video footage of reaching pass back

Last weekend we had a great team racing weekend up at St Andrews in Scotland. We had glorious sunshine and nice breezes though maybe a little chillier than Sydney!

The aim of the weekend was that attendees would learn new drills that they can incorporate into their own training schedules. They will hopefully also learn some of the key things to sailing fireflies quickly.

The following links are useful for the participants, but might also be useful if you were planning on running your own team racing session:

Friday night presentation: What is team racing 130523 Team Racing Presentation-1

Schedule for the weekend: 150903ScheduleofeventsforScotlandteamracingsession

Coaching handbook: 130523TeamRacingExercisesBook

Top tips for fleet racers wanting to go team racing: 130403 Team Racing Tips

Weekend Presentation if required.. some good video footage in here: Team racing Presentation for Scotland Part 2

I took quite a few videos and photos during the weekend which are available from the following link: St Andrews Team Racing. There is some good footage of reaching pass backs and a couple of tacks and gybes of various people. Apologies for not capturing everybody!

There is some good footage of the reaching pass back  which worked well.

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