Sailing from Manly – The 16 foot skiff club

Manly 16 foot Skiff Club is one of the country’s premier sailing clubs boasting the most awesome deck for hanging out during the summer. It has a very long history of sailing going back to 1923 and has a vibrant social scene. The main sailing focus of the club is skiff racing in 4 classes, and Manly sailors regularly win the National titles. The four classes are Manly Juniors, Flying 11’s and 16 foot skiffs. The 16 footers are the pinnacle of sailing at the North end of the harbour. These are amazingly quick and are quite a handful – check out the video to see the sailors really going for it

However it is not all about winning, there is competition throughout the fleet, with a popular ‘handicap’ race within the race similar to a golfing handicap. Towards the end of the season this gets very competitive especially between some of the back markers who fight it out for the Keg Cup.. Arguably the most prestigious trophy raced for at the club!

One of the major benefits of sailing at a club like Manly is the camaraderie and fun had on and off the water, this video was put together for the annual prize giving and gives a good idea of some of the people you’ll meet at the club…

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