Free Discover Sailing Day

Discover SailingSydney Sailing School and St George Sailing club are excited to be part of the National Discover Sailing Day. All over the country clubs and sailing schools are opening their doors to invite you down to give sailing a go for FREE. Please Register here with us prior to the day so we can staff up accordingly!

Sydney Sailing School has a large fleet of small sailing dinghies and you can expect to have a great time. The aim is to get everyone that wants to – to go out sailing with either an instructor or an experienced sailor.

Sailing is so much fun and we would really like to see you down here. Check out this intro video to Sydney Sailing School if you haven’t already

The Free Discover Sailing Day starts at 10am and the aim is to get everyone out sailing for about half an hour. There will be people on hand to answer questions and give you the best introduction, and we also hope to have a BBQ. If you fancy some more up market food there is a licensed restaurant at the club also!

  • All safety gear is provided, however it is worth noting that you will get a bit wet and should therefore bring spare clothes and a towel!

You should also bring

  • shoes that you don’t mind getting wet (not thongs/flip flops)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Hat!

Don’t forget to register!

Register here

Joining Instructions for those coming to St George Sailing Club Discover Sailing Day

Really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday 27th October from 10am at St George Sailing Club. Hopefully the weather will stay as it has been just recently and we’ll have a glorious day. The long range forecast is awesome!

Below is the list of things that we normally send out for the school holiday programs for the kids and so give a good idea of the sorts of things to consider.

What to bring?

Wetsuit: The kids may spend a bit of time in the water, so they might want a wetsuit, adults – hopefully you shouldn’t get too wet. I sailed throughout the winter sometimes not wearing a wetsuit..

Footwear: They also need to have something on their feet, when they are in and on the water. This is always a difficult one as we all play on the beach in barefeet, however the challenge when we are sailing is there are little things that we can stub our toe on and there could be glass or something below the water in the shallows.

Hat and sunscreen: Wide brimmed hats which can be tied under the chin are essential, the effects of the sun are magnified when we are on the water. We’ll have sunscreen at the club, but we need to make sure that they are well covered!

Change of clothes: There are showers at the club for afterwards, so they should bring a change of clothes and a towel.

Lifejackets: We’ll provide life jackets.

Water Bottle: It’s thirsty work sailing – we will have some cheeki bottles available for sail at very reasonable prices!

What will happen when you get here?

We have had a great response to our advertising and promotion so we have decided to put some structure around the day:

1) When you arrive you will be asked to complete a form if you haven’t already (this link takes you to our generic form) – which we’ll have a printout of, which gives us information about who we should contact in the unlikely event of an accident, permission to use photos and if you have any medical issues that we should know about.

2) depending upon the time and number of people we will try and schedule you into the next available sailing slot which will be preceeded by a safety briefing on the hour every hour – during this time you will be given life jackets and allocated to boats

3) at about quarter past the hour you will be introduced to your skipper who will take you and another out for a half hour sail from the beach at St George Sailing Club. Depending upon the wind you should get the chance to steer the boat with your instructor/guide helping you.

4) At about quarter to the hour, you will return to the beach where we will relieve you of your life jacket and we’ll have a little debrief and go through what happens next, how you can get more involved etc.

From 12 until 2 we will also have a sausage sizzle going on, and there is also the bar and restaurant upsatirs where you will be more than welcome

Note that the last sailing sessions should really start at 3 so that we can wrap up by 4.

How to get here?

There is loads of parking at St George Sailing Club: the address is 2 Riverside Drive, Sans Souci

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If you have any questions prior to Sunday then let me know.

Looking forward to meeting and sailing with you

Yours in sailing


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