I don’t know anything about sailing, will I feel stupid?

The short answer –no, definitely not! All our instructors are recruited to buy into the culture of Sydney Sailing School which is about nurturing and encouraging people new to the sport, not shouting at them or talking in sailing-speak that they won’t understand! We’ll work with you to find the best course and most suitable boat for you and we guarantee you won’t look back.

What makes you different to any other sailing school?

Firstly, we have two great locations giving you a choice of venues and sailing areas.
Secondly, we have a huge range of small boats which are great fun and give us lots of flexibility when it comes to finding a boat that is best for you. Small boats also give you more hands-on experience as you get to really get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.
Thirdly, we only employ professional instructors with many years full time teaching sailing experience. For our instructors teaching sailing is a career. Professional instructors can not afford to get bad reputations as the industry is too small.
Fourthly, we keep our instructor student ratio very low between 2 and 6 to 1 except in exceptional circumstances where it might extend to 9:1 maximum

What sort of boats do you have?

Depending upon your size and expertise, we have a boat that will be suitable for you!

Optimists (St George): For the littlest kids to learn to sail.

O’pen Bics (St George and Manly): For slightly bigger kids to learn to sail or for those that just like messing about!

Manly Juniors (St George and Manly): These are sailed by two people and allow young sailors to learn how to sail two person little dinghies – these boats are the first step on the racing pathway at Manly and St George.

Flying 11’s (St George and Manly):  Again sailed by two people – the sailors tend to be a little older than those sailing the Manly Juniors and are the boats that budding Manly Junior Sailors aspire to sail! For those that start a little later like Chris Kameen (at the grand old age of 11) then this may end up being the first boat that you race.

Pacers (St George): These boats are great for School and University groups and we use them to train our team racing groups. They are also perfect for our Paytoplay programme, as well as being a good option for parents who want to take their kids out for a sail.

Envys (St George): The dinghies are used for teaching adults  – there is plenty of room in these boats to get an instructor in with 2-3 students.

Do I need to be a good swimmer?

No, not at all.  You can let us know if you are uncomfortable being in the water but it is in no way a barrier to sailing. In fact, many sailors are notoriously poor swimmers!

Is it a good thing for my kids to do in school holidays?

Absolutely! We run courses every school holiday for children of all ages.

You are based at Manly skiff club and St George sailing club. Do I have to join one of these clubs to come sailing?

No you don’t.  Both are great clubs and actively encourage new memberships which we offer and we do offer membership if you’d like to join at a later date.  However, Sydney Sailing School is run totally separate to the clubs and there is absolutely no membership required or obligation to fork out money on membership. We can talk with you about membership if you’re interested.

Do I need any kit or equipment?

No nothing at all. We provide you with everything you need. When you sign up we’ll send you through a list of things to wear and bring but nothing is technical sailing kit (just towel, swimmers, and an old pair of shoes etc)

Do I get a qualification at the end?

Sydney Sailing School is accredited by both YA and the RYA to deliver specific courses with qualifications and recognised certification.  We have packaged these up in a way that allows people to progress at their own speed.
If you require specific qualifications to do an activity such as charter a boat for a holiday then give us a call and we can advise on the specifics.

Who is YA and RYA?

YA stands for Yachting Australia and is the national body for sailing in Australia, whilst the RYA  (Royal Yachting Association) is the UK equivalent. Whilst the two countries go head to head at the Olympics, when it comes to accreditation of sailing courses there is a certain degree of co-operation and recognition of the qualifications – Over 140,000 people a year around the world do RYA courses meaning their qualifications have a great level of portability. Sydney Sailing School is an accredited RYA and YA school.

Does sailing get cancelled if it is raining?

I was showering once on a beach in the Caribbean and I accidentally soaked a large local fella as he walked past. I apologised profusely and he said… “when it rains I get wet…. don’t worry mahn!”

No we don’t cancel when it rains – we only cancel if there is electrical storms or if there is a severe weather warning. We’ll always be checking the forecast and will let you know if a lesson is going to be cancelled.

What happens if I can’t make it and need to cancel?

Sydney Sailing School operates with a 100% refund for cancellations given within 48 hours of registration if the course is still more than a week away. If you cancel more than 48 hours after registration, then we offer a full refund less $100 administration fee. Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer refunds for cancellations within a week of a course starting because we have to plan ahead for the correct numbers of instructors and have limited numbers due to our low ratios.  However, you’re more than welcome to find  a replacement, and we’ll certainly refund you when there is a waiting list for the course.

We want to charter a boat for our next holiday and I want to brush up on my skills – can you help?

If you are going on a charter  holiday we can definitely help. You can brush up on your navigation skills through our theory courses – the DaySkipper theory course is recommended for those wishing to get an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) which is required in much of Europe. If you’d like to get some on the water sailing practice then we can organise some sessions in our Endeavour 24. If you need help with manoeuvring a yacht under power then we would probably refer you to another school that specialises in this area and has the best boats – we are more than happy to provide guidance on this if you need it.

Can we get an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) with Sydney Sailing School?

Sydney Sailing School is unable to organise an ICC assessment, but has good relationships with other schools and providers and can point you in the right direction.

Can we have lessons in our own boat?

Sydney Sailing school offers occasional own boat tuition in dinghies. However ,if you have your own yacht then we’ve got a great relationship with a number  of good local operators that carry the pre-requisite insurance and who we would recommend.

Terms and Conditions for booking.

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