Sailing Lessons for Kids:

How do I get my child into sailingAt Sydney Sailing School we want kids to love sailing, we want to see them out sailing and having fun as often as possible, with the intention that one day they will be regularly crewing on somebody else’s boat or have one of their own, but we need to ensure that they enjoy it first!

School Holiday Sailing Courses

School holiday sailing Camp

Our School Holiday courses this Easter are 4 days at St George and 3 days at Manly and includes lunch and all safety equipment but not wetsuits or footwear. Courses start at 9:30 and finish at 3:30 each day.

Our school holiday sailing camps and learn to sail courses are for kids aged 6-16 and cater for all experience levels. Absolutely zero experience is required prior to coming on these camps, and because we run at a very low instructor to student ratio, we make sure that the nervous ones are given the gentle encouragement they need.

Our focus is on giving the kids confidence around boats and to get them sailing by themselves under the guidance of an instructor by the end of the week. If they’ve done courses before then we teach them how to do things more efficiently and introduce additional skills.

Learning to sail is like learning to drive a car.. it takes time and practice even after we have got the basics.

Holiday Manly Holiday St George

The Sydney Sailing School Course Structure

We run a 4 stage programme which by the end they will be capable of sailing by themselves in moderate winds in a crewed dinghy ready to do more advanced sailing things such as go racing.

Stage 1: Your child will get a basic understanding of how a boat sails with some experience of steering and handling the boat. The course covers launching and recovery, steering, basic parts of the boat and basic sailing

Stage 2: They have a basic understanding and steering ability. By the end of the Stage they should be able to tack and control their boat speed and understand the basic principles of sailing and how to avoid collisions. The aim with this course is to start building confidence

Stage 3: By the end of it they will be able to launch and sail a dinghy around a triangular course in moderate conditions. This Stage is equivalent to a level 2 course that we run for adults.

Stage 4: To complete Stage 4, sailors must sail a crewed sailing dinghy as both helm and crew. By the end of this course the young sailors will be at quite a standard and be able to launch and recover from a beach, jetty or mooring and get a crewed dinghy around a triangular course in moderate conditions.

However it is not just a case of ticking things off to complete each stage and some children will stay at a level for sometime, this should be expected and our approach is to make sure that they keep loving it and learn and practice all the time.

One of our points of difference is our low instructor/child ratios. We maintain a maximum instructor to student ratio of 6:1,or maximum 9:1 if more than 2 in a boat. The reality is that we operate at more like 4:1 by using experienced assistants (trainee instructors) to help during our sailing sessions. This allows us to give maximum attention to your child and really get them going. We’ll  put kids  into groups of similar age and experience level so they feel comfortable.