Junior Sailing Races on George’s River

Manly Juniors at St George Sailing ClubAt St George Sailing Club, Sydney Sailing School is promoting introduction to racing in two classes Manly Juniors and Flying 11’s. Racing happens every Saturday during the Summer at 11:30 and 12:15 (or as soon after the first as possible!) and is open to any MJ and F11 sailors from any club

This is a great introduction to racing for kids that have completed more than one learn to sail course and can competently  get a boat around a course. Unlike the Learn to sail courses though, attendees need to have their own boat, or access to their own boat which we can help arrange if you do not have one. Before the alarm bells ring though we have some very low cost options for getting you started that do not necessarily involve buying  a boat or joining the club! Parents are encouraged to get involved and will be given guidance as to what to do, no experience required at all! This is a great way to get involved – get out on the water and see what the kids are up to!

Green Fleet Coaching, non-members WELCOME!:

We recognise that at a lot of clubs, there is much high quality racing going on that some kids find intimidating. At St George we run short races of half an hour to 45 minutes and have a coach following giving tips. This is not strictly within the ‘rules’ of sailing, but then at Sydney Sailing School we are trying to rewrite those to get more kids to stay in the sport and love it!

Maybe your kids are racing at other clubs on a Sunday but you would like them to do a bit more practice on a Saturday under some expert guidance. Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge that can help your kids. A $20 day fee is charged for non-members that bring their own boat. Please drop us an email to let us know you are coming!

Note that we only offer junior racing in Manly Juniors and Flying 11’s.

Manly Juniors

Manly Junior RacingManly Juniors were first launched in 1959 and have introduced many thousands of kids to the sport of sailing. Sailed by two people normally the skipper is a little older (10 to 15 or younger) and sails with a young crew (as young as 6). These boats have three sails and a young sailor has to learn all the different elements of sailing to make a success of it!

This terrific little boat has a long history at Manly (it’s in the name!) and on Botany Bay that we continue to this day. Second hand boats are always available and hold their value well if you look after them. If you are looking to buy a second hand boat then they start from about $500 with a reasonable one costing about $2000 (note that if you look after it – then there is no reason for you not to sell at this price when the kids get too big!) If you are not looking to buy then we do have a number of boats available for charter on the understanding that they will be used each week during club racing.

Contact Chris for more information  by dropping him an email: chris@sydneysailingschoool.com.au, essentially the agreement is as per the link below: