RYA Day Skipper – 1 day a week for 6 weeks

RYA Day Skipper theory Course available in SydneyThe RYA Day Skipper theory is arguably one of the best theory courses you can do for sailing. The course has been taken by over a quarter of a million people worldwide since it’s introduction in 1973. Refined and tweaked regularly this course has evolved to be the bench mark course for people wanting to learn the theory behind becoming a safe skipper.

If you are looking to charter a boat overseas or even the Northern Territory and have spent all your sailing life in and around Sydney then you will be in for a shock if you don’t do a course like this! 4 knots tides and 8m tidal ranges are not uncommon around the world and will have a significant impact on your enjoyment if you haven’t prepared.

Passage planning is so much more than just checking the weather forecast. On this course we really get into the nuts and bolts of Passage Planning, understand your legal obligations and give you the knowledge required to Skipper a boat on short passages by day, taking into account tides, navigation the weather, safety of your crew and many other important considerations.

Study Options:

There are a number of options available to do this course, some schools offer a 20 week night school option, or a 5 day week long course. The course must be done over at least 40 hours and we have decided to offer this as a Saturday programme over 6 weeks during the winter at St George Sailing Club, starting July 19th with the final day on August 26th .

Term: 1 day a week for 6 weeks $797.