Open Bic for sale

O'pen Bic fun sailor having funIf you are looking for a great fun boat for your kids to sail, that aren’t particularly interested in racing round boring courses week after week then this is a great boat for you. The O’pen Bic is a low cost, low risk option which will hold it’s value if  you look after it.

The class is well supported Internationally by Bic Sport and has a great network of fun regattas around Australia for those that enjoy travelling and meeting new people. Check out the video below to see kids really enjoying themselves:

What a cool video! These kids are certainly having fun and this is what sailing is all about!

One of the most amazing aspects about the Open Bic is their robustness and speed to rig and de-rig. The boats are made out of plastic in France, and have a simple windsurf type rig which makes the whole rigging and de-rigging process mind bogglingly quick and easy.

At just $3997 including Beach Trolley and GST this is an amazing opportunity to buy a great beach boat, that the kids will love..

At Sydney Sailing School we use these boats for teaching because they are good fun and tick all the boxes from a kids enjoyment perspective whilst still teaching the basics. We are also fortunate to be able sell these boats, if you are interested in purchasing one that do get in touch and we’ll make it happen.