RS Vision for Sale

RS Vision for saleThe RS Vision is the big brother to the RS Feva and is a sensational bit of kit for a sailing school or somebody that wants a boat big enough to take the family on a picnic and pull it up on the beach. Made out of plastic, the boat is low maintenance and will absorb the abuse that we give boats by pulling them up beaches without a trolley.

We absolutely love our Vision it being an ideal boat for teaching adults and for teaching trapeze sailing safely, as you can have the instructor steering with 2 or 3 crews ready to go swapping around. It also has a Gennaker that sets from a self launching bowsprit and stows in a chute keeping all the clutter out of the way

Due to its maximum waterline beam and limited topside flare the boat is exceptionally stable – exactly what  you want for teaching or taking your family out!

The starting price for this boat is $12,925 (incl GST) for the RS Vision T which includes Dacron main and roller reefing jib and beach trolley, everything else is extra, and whilst you can upgradc and buy the extra bits as you go, you might want to go the full go to start with:

RS Vision XL: Reefable Mylar Mainsail, roller reefing jib, gennaker, beach trolley and top cover: $14,550

with the following additional items:

  • Rudder Cover – $110
  • Road trailer including lighting board and mast support – $2570
  • Delivery from Melbourne – $700
  • Mast floatation bag – $142

Total cost to pick up from Sydney:  $18,072