How to increase participation in sailing

Sailing Club Packages

  • Are you at a club that has a dwindling or ageing sailing membership?
  • Do you recognise that there is a need for the sport to change it’s current offering and make sailing more appealing?

If this is you or your club, then we could be in a position to help. At Sydney Sailing School we managed to introduce 1000 people to the sport of sailing in less than one year, purchase boats and pay the instructors wages. We want and need more clubs or sailing schools doing the same thing and we want to help and share what we have learnt.

In true sailing school style we have developed the 5 essentials of setting up a sailing school and we want to share this with you! Not the flashest infographic but hopefully gives you the picture! Scroll down if you want to learn more!

5 essentials of a sailing school