SailorMade Christmas Presents

Sailormade TotebagOur friends SAILORMADE are recycling Sydney Sailing School sails to create bags, wallets and (soon) other useful stuff perfect for the sailing and beach loving Australian.

They are great products, well designed and handmade by local crafts people and as the name says they’re sailors. I know this because Scott who is behind the project taught me to sail many years ago, we lost touch and didn’t see each other for about 20 years but somehow both ended up living in Manly. As well as a love of good beer and home brewing we discussed sustainable, reuseable and renewable products. SAILORMADE is all these things.

Check out their range of useful hard wearing stuff and keep up to date with product developments and other interesting happenings on their facebook page

Wallet_blue Tote_beach Duffle Duffle_Surf Tote_blue