Second Hand Boats

At Sydney Sailing School we have a number of second hand boats for sale which can be a lower cost alternative to buying new:

Sydney Sailing School is the distributor for RS and the Open BicFeva for sale

The Feva is the worlds best selling double handed boat and we love it, unfortunately there aren’t many second hand ones around and so by selling on our ex-demo boats whilst they are still in excellent condition we can hopefully start to build a fleet. Whilst designed as a kids boat, adults can have a ball in these too.

We have four boats for sale of varying newness at the following prices: (all the boats have spinnakers and trolleys and are all ready to sail.)

$8000 Feva 1 RSFevaForsale

$4000 Feva 3 RSFevaForsale3 – awaiting payment

$3200 Feva 4 RSFevaForsale4 – awaiting payment

These are great boats for a sailing school and could form the beginning of a junior racing fleet. There are some interesting thoughts about the pathway from sailing school to club racing that the Feva has excelled at World Wide…  Forward thinking clubs take note!