Sydney Sailing Club

So many Sailing Clubs, how do you choose?

Sailing: it’s an amazing sport!

Getting involved in sailing is easy when you are in the know! You don’t necessarily need to join a club, but if you want to hang out with other sailors then it’s a good place to start!

If you haven’t seen the video above before, do check it out, as we go through a bit more about Sydney Sailing School and how to get into sailing.

Wait for me!Each sailing club is different and caters for different types of sailing and sailors. Some clubs have a ‘members only policy’ others ‘an open door’, some clubs offer sailing for kids others focus on big yachts and having a restaurant.  Sydney Sailing Club has a very simple membership policy, you need to have had a lesson or sail with Sydney Sailing School.. that’s it!

It doesn’t cost any money and is a sailing club in the true sense of the word, like-minded people hanging out with each other! We have an organised meet once a month during the summer, normally on a beach which we sail to, but members are encouraged to support and help each other. We’ll also make sure that you have good introductions to the two fabulous clubs that we are massively involved with Manly 16 Foot Skiff Club and St George Sailing Club.

If you want to become a member with us, you will need to sign up for a course first!

Click here to find out what sailing courses we offer.

Sydney Sailing Club Membership Benefits

As a member of Sydney Sailing Club you are given:

  • Free access to additional sailing resources and crewing/sailing opportunities.
  • You’ll even get discounts on future courses and Pay to play sessions.
  • Advice on where to go and how to get involved in the racing clubs if that is what you want to do.

Are you sure you want to go in this boat?

Sydney Sailing School is all about giving you confidence to get out on the water and have some fun, and we want you to be able to meet and hang out with similar people if you wish.  This is why the Sydney Sailing Club is exclusive to only those that have been through one of our courses, we don’t want it to have any people that ‘know it all’!

There are no membership cards and no fees or annual renewals, our only expectation is that our sailors share their experiences with their friends!