Sydney Sailing School Team Racing Championships 2014

Saturday 3rd May somewhere in Sydney

Sydney Sailing School Team Sailing Team racing at Instructor induction day This is the first time that we have held this event in Sydney and it should be a cracker, we are aiming for a maximum of 4 teams as we only have one flight of boats. At this stage we only have a flight of Pacers, but depending upon interest we might add some Open Bics into the mix and open it up to 6 teams.. lets see how we go, at the moment I have limited it to 4!

Notice of Race: This should be available in the next few days

Sailing Instructions: The Sailing Instructions will be provided nearer the time of the event once we have decided on the format

Accommodation: We will try our best to help out here – but don’t leave it until 11pm on Saturday night!

Entry fee is $120 per team and the damage deposit is a case of beer to be deposited with the organiser prior to going on the water