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We love sailing and we want you to love it to! so if we can give you that  little bit of extra confidence then I feel we are on the way to making you love it!

Over the next few days you will receive 4 short videos which will show you 4 Golden nuggets of information that we think will really help, and give you a bit more confidence to get you out on the water again

Without further ado, let’s dig into the first one!

How to get in and out of a sailing boat without embarrassing yourself!

The first thing to remember is that boats move and are sensitive to where you put your weight and the smaller the boat the more sensitive it is. So when getting into a boat you want to get your weight towards the middle of the boat as smoothly as possible.

Getting in

In an ideal world in order for the  boat to move the least, we would step down from a ladder and land straight into the middle of the boat where we would then sit down to keep our centre of gravity low, however unless you have a crane this is unlikely to be possible, however we can make use of the principles.

1) Board the boat towards the middle of the boat usually somewhere near the shrouds (wires that go up to the top of the mast) on the side opposite to where the sails are flapping (don’t try and get on board with sails flapping in your face, you are on the wrong side!

2) If the water is shallow enough, you should be able to step in, make sure your first foot lands as close to the centre line of the boat as possible – it is useful if somebody is holding the windward side of the boat and can even hold the boat up a bit so that it doesn’t lean too much

3) If the step is too hard, because the water is too deep, or yoiur waterproofs are too tight and won’t allow you to lift your leg that far, you can either go for the ungraceful, lie and roll in (like you are rolling over a fence) This is often the way people get into boats if they are sailing or launching a boat single handed, or if you are with somebod else, get them to hold the windward side, whilst you sit on the side of the boat with your back facing the middle of the boat, and then swing your legs round. This will require somebody to hold the windward side up if you are getting on to a small dinghy.

Getting out 

Even the most experienced sailors get this wrong sometimes and end up getting wet and falling over because we get complacent. It is also amazing how many people who have sailed a lot as a child still don’t listen to me when I tell them this… and then get wet!

1) Before jumping out into the water, sit on the windward side (the side not under the flapping sails) and swing both legs over the side (not one!)

2) Using your arms, you can then lower yourself into the water until your feet touch the bottom, at which point you can then turn around and hold the boat or move away from the boat , if that is what the skipper has asked you to do.